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a peace of new kids on campus

Friday Fun Foto: Hello, BBA – welcome to the world! We’re pleased to announce the launch this Saturday, Mar. 12, of Basic Brilliant Africa (BBA) the very first student peace club at INATEK University, Kibungo, in eastern region of Rwanda. There’s going to be lots of singing and dancing!

If you’re in the area, don’t miss all the fun. Guest artists to perform include nationally known musicians as well as new artists from the grassroots, a new film, Maibobo (highlighting issue of street kids) by Almond Tree Films Rwanda and the gafotozi exhibit.

 A peace of life is proud to be one of the participants and sponsors of this event.

a peace of water for all

Our Friday Fun Foto today:  Creative use of water in a drought-prone region. It’s a fun photo but a serious issue, many denied access to safe, clean water in our world. Learn more at World Water Day.

Photo taken by Germaine, one of the gafotozi, as part of developing her photo essay on the environment.

Together with the other gafotozis, Germaine  attended peace camp as our “official photographers”. See more photos.

We’re now fundraising for peace camp 2. Please help us today!

a peace of cartoon

It’s another Friday Fun Foto: a sneak peak at one of the columns in our new youth peace newspaper to launch in March. Enjoy!

Uncle (Tonto in kinyarwanda) gives his advice to questions of love, conflict, and everything in between, in a new youth peace newspaper launching in March. It’s just one of the exciting things to burst out of peace camp and the partnership of a peace of life and AEBR Youth to empower and equip youth to be leaders in peace and development. See more about peace camp.

Special thanks (and a very BIG SHOUT OUT) to the talented illustrator, Colanthony, for volunteering his amazing skills. He’s one of the featured young talent in a new book, Toronto Graffiti. Love to have you at our next peace camp!

You can help make another peace camp a reality. Donate online today or contact us for more details.

a peace of so you think you can dance

It’s Friday Fun Foto….So You Think You Can Dance, Rwanda? Yego! (Yes!)

Just some of the song, dance and slam (poetry) that we had at our youth peace camp, held this past November in Nyange. Our photographer is Anthony, one of the gafotozi.

See more photos by the gafotozi at peace camp.

Gotta see this…clips of some of the song, dance and slam (poetry), live and unedited, from nyange youth peace camp.

Learn more about our first peace camp and how you can help sponsor another one.

a peace of Christmas joy

Peace and joy this Christmas, from Rwanda…

Pictured: Almond Tree Films, Rwanda, with Michel Nsengi (second from left, back row), one of our peace camp faciliators and our new volunteer consultant in Rwanda.

We were honoured to have some of these young filmmakers (Yves Montand, Musafili Kayambi, Clementime Dusabejambo, Jean Bosco Nshimiyimana and Richard Mugwaneza) at camp and have them talk about their passion for making social change through film. One of their most recent films, Maibobo, by Yves, powerfully portrays the life of street children, a very real, but often unpopular, issue in Rwanda. 

We were able to show this film at camp and youth were very moved by the issue. Noted one youth in a survey on the first day of camp (before seeing the film): “people who dress poorly [those living on the street] are normally a thief or a crazy person.”

By the end of the camp, the same question got a different answer: “I realize that this person [poorly dressed] is the way he is and you can approach him and try to understand what he’s going through and maybe you can discover that he is traumatized or has other problems hurting him.”

Youth also strongly identified with Bamporiki’s film, Long Coat, which presents some of the issues faced in reconciliation today in Rwanda, as family and friends of both survivor and killer share the hillsides, attempt to live side by side.

During peace camp, filmmakers helped youth with scriptwriting and had them do a “creative pitch” to share their script with the group. A big surprise came when it was announced that one of their scripts will be made into a short film! We hope to have this film completed early in the new year. It deals with the crucial issue of orphans, more specifically, the kinds of mistreatment they suffer in homes/families that take them in.

See more of our photos from peace camp now on flickr.

A little bit of “glee” in Rwanda! Just uploaded: watch clips of youth performing their poems and songs including the popular amahoro song created at camp.

May you too have abundant peace and joy in your heart as we celebrate the birth of the one called the prince of peace!

a peace of bathtime

Friday fun foto…the wash cyle. Water is a precious commodity – whatever you manage to carry back to the house – and used sparingly.  Little Miss Independent (below) does a great job with what she has.


A little more about today’s featured photo and photographer: Claudine, one of our gafotozi, took this photo as part of learning about the use of patterns, sequences, colors and shapes in photography. It was one of her favourite shots and selected to be included in the village art exhibit held on the final day of class.

Special event: If you’re in the Toronto area, there will be a special showing of the gafotozi art exhibit along with a surprise film screening as part of International Day of Peace activities. More details posted next week.

Like what you see? Claudine would love to go to peace camp. You can help her realize this dream.

a peace of family supper

It’s friday fun foto again…Time to eat! Family supper by candlelight. Electricity can be hard to come by in Rwanda, either too expensive or unavailable, especially in rural areas. Food can be hard to come by also, especially when prices rise on basics like rice, beans and cooking oil. 

A little more about today’s photo and photographer: Anthony, one of the gafotozi, took this photo as part of exploring his essay on “village life”.

Like what you see? Anthony, the photographer, would love to go to peace camp in November. You can help make that dream come true. Make a donation.

a peace of cowzilla

Welcome to Friday Fun Foto. Cowzilla???  You’ve heard of bridezilla (those difficult brides-to-be), while cows are the big deal in Rwandan nuptials, an important part of the bride price for all groom wanna be’s. How many cows you give or get indicates your wealth and/or status. In fact, cows are a big deal in general, greatly treasured and cared for. And like any other source of wealth and status in our world, cows can also cause conflict. Rwanda’s economy is mainly dependent on agriculture, so land scarcity becomes an important factor for social tensions and conflict.

Today’s photographer: Germaine, 15 years old, one of the gafotozi.

Like what you see? Germaine wants to go to peace camp and share her photos with other youth. You can help her today. Have a great Friday, everyone!