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a peace of dance congo

Another Friday Fun Foto: “You got to put your butt into it” – learning to dance Congolese style at Youth Peace Camp in Rwanda.

Sometimes life just gets too serious and you have to have some fun. One of the most anticipated parts of the day at peace camp are the talent nights where youth create and perform their favourite dances, songs, skits, and poems. At last year’s camp, dances from the Congo were the most popular of all…well that, and watching some of the leaders take a shot at showing some moves. See more photos from peace camp and other activites

Youth are finding that song and dance are popular ways to create some common ground and to spread their message of peace. Club Unity in Mubago, for instance, have incorporated learning traditional dance in their community peace-building activities. They’re finding it’s also a great way to build more understanding between generations and learn more about their shared culture.  See video clip of some of the kids performing  

This November, we expect even more fun and cultural learning as we invite youth representatives from other countries in the Great Lakes region to attend Peace Camp 2012. Till then, however, our hearts and prayers go out to youth and their leaders from the DR Congo who attended camp last year and are currently having to cope with continued violence and unrest in their region. May youth continue to lead the way in peace-building and become excellent role models in all sectors of society for a better future.


a peace of national treasure

“Youth are a national treasure,” says Dydine Umunyana Shami, one of the volunteer directors affiliated with A Peace of Life in Rwanda. She took this photo on a visit to western province over the holidays.  We agree and are very happy to feature it today as our Friday fun photo.

School’s out…and many youth in Rwanda are now home for the holidays. But large numbers of youth continue to miss out on the opportunity to complete secondary education or even vocational skills training – it remains too big a financial burden for many families.  At our last peace camp, several youth shared the burden of lacking fees and were in tears at the thought of not returning to school in the new term. Poverty is one of the big challenges that youth face and that causes conflict and hardship. Some resort to desperate measures to stay in school or to earn a living. Some become vulnerable to abuse by those in positions of authority. These are just some of the issues we discuss at peace camp and incorporate into dramas, songs and dances as part of peace-building. At our upcoming camp, to be held the last week of November, teams of youth will be working on scripts, do a pitch to a team of “celebrity” judges, with the winning script and/or script characters to form the basis of a new radio drama to be written and produced by youth. We will also be learning more about social enterprise with youth pitching their best ideas to start a small, youth-led business. Stay tuned for more exciting news as plans progress. We’re looking forward to another great camp! Learn more about peace camp

About today’s photographer: Dydine is dedicated to peace-building and to developing the potential of youth in her country, and Africa in general. She recently attended an international conference on forgiveness, “Healing the Wounds of History”, in Kigali. She has also just launched a non-profit organization, Umbrella Cinema Promoters, to “bring the light to Africa through cinema”, and empower more young African women to become invovled in filmmaking.  We look forward to featuring her very first short film on AIDS at the next peace camp, and having her as one of our trainers and peer mentors. Dydine will help youth work on script-writing and share some of her personal experience as a young entrepreneur. More news shortly on other special guests to attend peace camp, including some possible young talent from Canada!

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a peace of water my world

Another Friday Fun Photo – Guess what happened split seconds after this photo was taken? Lots of fun – and soaking wet bodies – as camp leaders and youth splash the water around, enjoying some refreshment after an afternoon of planting trees and picking up garbage on the grounds of our host school. It was all part of a workshop on peace and the environment at last year’s peace camp.

Planting trees at peace camp 2011

Planting trees is an important part of helping to conserve the natural, beautiful environment of Rwanda as well as replace trees used as firewood for cooking. Every November, Rwanda launches a national tree-planting campaign to encourage environmental conservation and awareness.

Many youth peace clubs, including Club Unity in Mubago, are including the planting of trees in their peace-building activities. They are finding that it’s an easy and practical way to bring everyone in the village together to do a community activity as well as open a way to talk about other crucial issues they can work on together. Sometimes there is even a sharing of personal stories and an opportunity to offer forgiveness and build reconciliation among neighbours. It’s inspiring to see youth lead the way in this ground-breaking work.

The peace camp is an annual event offered by A Peace of Life with local partners such as AEBR Youth. Plans are underway for Peace Camp 2012. Help sponsor youth peace-building in Rwanda by making a donation today.

As part of celebrating World Water Day, we’re also pleased to present a multimedia presentation on water. It was created by youth who participated in a photography workshop at peace camp 2011. The workshop was facilitated by Johnny Lam, a professional documentary photographer who volunteers his time and expertise with A Peace of Life. Johnny has launched Gafotozi, to help empower vulnerable youth to use photography in peace-building and storytelling. Enjoy the show!

*Photos in today’s post taken by some of the youth from the photography workshop

a peace of the prize

A Friday Fun Foto…..girls in focus

We post this photo today in honour of the three women (two of whom are from Africa) who were awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia), Leymah Gbowee (Liberia) and Tawakul Karman (Yemen)! It’s a great acknowledgement of the crucial role of women in peace-building and community development. Through your work, you’ve highlighted the need to address issues of poverty and gender inequality as part of the peace process.

Pictured (left to right): Prencesse, Claudine, Germaine – three inspiring young women who are peacebuilders in Rwanda, and members of our gafotozi, learning to use the arts and media for social change.

Photo taken by Johnny Lam, documentary photojournalist, as part of our first photography workshop. Next month, he and the gafotozi will be at peace camp and also back in the village, working on more photo essays. We look forward to posting their new creative!



a peace of the team

Another Friday Fun Photo: Go Team Go! Tugende muze Tugende!

Pictured: Club Courageous in Gisenyi – quite possibly some of the next U-17 players for Rwanda! We love your team spirit – you’re already champions – keep your hopes and dreams alive!

Next week FIFA U-17 World Cup begins in Mexico and guess who’s there? Congrats Rwanda U-17,  the first team from Rwanda to make it to a FIFA world championship. Follow all the action online  – Rwanda’s first big game is on the 19th, when they take on England.

A Peace of Life is planning a fun youth event in Kacyiru (Rwanda) as part of U-17 World Cup. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

We also kick start planning of activities for our next annual peace camp, which will include learning on the use of sport and media to build common ground, peace and unity. One great example that’s inspiring us these days: The Team, a sports soap opera, that’s a ground-breaking, multi nation television project, as well as other innovative, locally written and produced projects of Search for Common Ground. Play on!

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a peace of new kids on campus

Friday Fun Foto: Hello, BBA – welcome to the world! We’re pleased to announce the launch this Saturday, Mar. 12, of Basic Brilliant Africa (BBA) the very first student peace club at INATEK University, Kibungo, in eastern region of Rwanda. There’s going to be lots of singing and dancing!

If you’re in the area, don’t miss all the fun. Guest artists to perform include nationally known musicians as well as new artists from the grassroots, a new film, Maibobo (highlighting issue of street kids) by Almond Tree Films Rwanda and the gafotozi exhibit.

 A peace of life is proud to be one of the participants and sponsors of this event.

a peace of water for all

Our Friday Fun Foto today:  Creative use of water in a drought-prone region. It’s a fun photo but a serious issue, many denied access to safe, clean water in our world. Learn more at World Water Day.

Photo taken by Germaine, one of the gafotozi, as part of developing her photo essay on the environment.

Together with the other gafotozis, Germaine  attended peace camp as our “official photographers”. See more photos.

We’re now fundraising for peace camp 2. Please help us today!

a peace of cartoon

It’s another Friday Fun Foto: a sneak peak at one of the columns in our new youth peace newspaper to launch in March. Enjoy!

Uncle (Tonto in kinyarwanda) gives his advice to questions of love, conflict, and everything in between, in a new youth peace newspaper launching in March. It’s just one of the exciting things to burst out of peace camp and the partnership of a peace of life and AEBR Youth to empower and equip youth to be leaders in peace and development. See more about peace camp.

Special thanks (and a very BIG SHOUT OUT) to the talented illustrator, Colanthony, for volunteering his amazing skills. He’s one of the featured young talent in a new book, Toronto Graffiti. Love to have you at our next peace camp!

You can help make another peace camp a reality. Donate online today or contact us for more details.

a peace of so you think you can dance

It’s Friday Fun Foto….So You Think You Can Dance, Rwanda? Yego! (Yes!)

Just some of the song, dance and slam (poetry) that we had at our youth peace camp, held this past November in Nyange. Our photographer is Anthony, one of the gafotozi.

See more photos by the gafotozi at peace camp.

Gotta see this…clips of some of the song, dance and slam (poetry), live and unedited, from nyange youth peace camp.

Learn more about our first peace camp and how you can help sponsor another one.

a peace of new year

Racing into a new year….Happy New Year everyone and welcome to our first friday fun foto of 2011…

relay at love 4 life event

One of the fun relays and activities at Love 4 Life, our special event for World AIDS Day 2010. We held it at IFBK school in Kigali. Several youth and youth leaders from the Nyange Peace Camp also participated. Both of these events were held by a peace of life, in partnership with AEBR Youth.

See more photos of the fun that day, from water challenges to painting t-shirts.

More about the photographer: Thanks so much to our official volunteer photographer of the day, Lene Amstrup-Jensen. Lene is one of the leaders of Tugende, a project by Danish Baptist Youth and AEBR Youth.