We encourage creative and critical thinking and expression through innovative peacebuilding that includes social enterprise and the use of media and the arts for social change. We’re passionate about developing and highlighting the potential of youth in Africa. We focus on Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Great Lakes Region – an area that has suffered years of violent conflict and extreme poverty.

We believe that there is an important spiritual component in peacebuilding. One where dignity, understanding, and compassion in action are valued and pursued. Peace starts within – an inner transformation that changes the way we deal with conflict and injustice in the world.

We are committed to working together for social change and launched a youth-led peace social enterprise based in Rwanda. Learn more


The first phase in our approach, Gafotozi, a photography workshop among orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda, launched in November 2009. See more

It was followed by a youth peace camp that’s become an annual event!  In 2012, we welcomed our first team of youth to peace camp from the neighbouring country of the Democratic Republic of Congo that has endured years of violent conflict.


We continue to expand, inviting youth to peace camp from other countries in the Great Lakes Region. Learn more

In addition to peace camp, we offer counselling workshops and other skills learning opportunities in partnership with community-based groups and others. We also support income-generating activities of peace clubs through our 10,000 Dreams Challenge (youth social enterprise initiative) as well as the development of youth media such as our short film, Tears of Hope, and a new youth radio drama, Urumuri. Learn more

Join us!


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