Our Team

apeaceoflife founders rwanda

Team selfie: (left to right) Prince, Laurena, Aline, Nadine, Timothy, Anthony, Petite, Adjabu, Amanda and Gilbert.

We are the founding directors of A Peace of Life, a registered non-profit organization based in Rwanda. We train and mentor youth to become peer leaders in the use of creative communications, counselling and social enterprise for peacebuilding and community development in the Great Lakes region of Africa. We offer peace camps, workshops, and other skills learning opportunities in partnership with community-based groups and individuals. We also support income-generating activities of our affiliated peace clubs in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo through our 10,000 Dreams Challenge (youth social enterprise initiative).

Become a partner in peace

9 Replies to “Our Team”

  1. Thanks to organise the peace of life camp but you can enhance the well being of youth live in AEBR in rural areas invite also to participate in camp because they have mindset mentality on their families


  2. surely i got you when i was doing research on peace building in youth of great lakes region, from my heart i thanked you for your help in peace building. for this i wanna be one of your volunteer. will you accept my request?


  3. i am HAKIZIMANA FRODOUALD student of CUR AT TABA(butare) in level 3 socia work Dvpmt and sun of Rev Past HABYARIMANA FRANCOIN AT AEBR Gikongoro. thanks for your mission because its better in Africa.so i may recommend to be come under the rural region then god will be on yours


  4. My name is NIYIGABA Samuel i m a student at school of finance and banking MBURABUTURO WHILE i m reading what you do on internet i become very happy.Im also child of REV PAST .NDAGIJIMANA Hesron from ESECOMU.May god bless you so much

    NIYIGABA samuel


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