10,000 Dreams Challenge & Peace Clubs

Peace Peppers – the beginnings of a new cash crop by a peace club in Rwanda. After growing green peppers, they expanded to scotch bonnet peppers used to make Rwanda’s infamous Akabanga hot sauce. This club was one of the first round of winners in our 10,000 Dreams Challenge. It was started by Petite, a peace camp alumni.

Our 10,000 Dreams Challenge supports and gives youth practical experience in social enterprise as well as encourages youth to work together for mutual and community benefit through their peace clubs. To qualify for a $300 USD grant, peace clubs must submit a peace club proposal and business plan. So far, winning peace clubs have started a hair salon, grow fruit and vegetables like peppers, avocado, mango, etc., and raise rabbits, goats and pigs.


Vision Club in Goma starts another peace club in Kako – a region impacted by ongoing conflict by rebel forces

After a peace camp experience, many youth return to their schools and villages and start peace clubs. Throughout the year, we follow up with these affiliated clubs in Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi and Tanzania. We provide additional training and resources to encourage their peacebuilding efforts, everything from food & special activities for orphans, school supplies for poor students, peace walks, concerts, community theatre, fruit gardens, school peace parties, and more.

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