a peace of the web

 Look who’s now on the web….AEBR Youth
Dream big, start small. Photo taken by Olivier Mukantambara, one of the gafotozi in a photography workshop held by a peace of life and AEBR Youth.

Congratulations to AEBR Youth, on your first small step on to the web. Keep dreamin’ big.

Surf over and post some love; post an encouraging  comment.  










Mark the date. July 16.

a little sugar goes a long way...photo taken by Anthony Munyaneza, one of the gafotozi in a peace of life/AEBR Youth photography workshop

We’ve got something sweet coming your way. A fun, easy challenge that will help raise funds for the youth peace camp….hint: a little sugar goes a long way!

2 Replies to “a peace of the web”

  1. I will remember July 16 – lots of love going your way from your Canadian buddies – sugar buddies as our gandson, JL, calls us.


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