a peace of kidding around

It’s another Friday Fun Foto from Rwanda. Here’s looking at you, kid!

A little about the photographer: Olivier, one of our gafotozi, loves fixing things and wants to become a mechanic. He also loves his mom and baby niece who lives with them.  Olivier’s mom says he has lots of courage. Perhaps that’s why he chose to explore the personal impact of HIV and AIDS on one family – his family – for his photo essay. Olivier lost his dad to this disease and now his mom is ill. He’s happy that she has access to antiretroviral treatment which can help her live a long time. Olivier says that his biggest hope is that life improves for his mom. Stigma is still difficult to deal with and that’s one reason why he wanted to focus on this issue.

We hope that Olivier will be one of the gafotozi to attend the peace camp and share his photos and experience with other youth. You can help make this dream come true by making a donation today.

You can also help his mom. Learn more about Guardians of Hope, a remarkable  grassroots program among families most impacted by HIV and AIDS. Olivier’s mom attends one of these support groups and is greatly encouraged.

One Reply to “a peace of kidding around”

  1. Seems like you are a true web master now, Laurena – lots of web pages to take care of and link up. Ben, from Cameroon would benefit from a page for his Peace Foundation too. Possibilities?

    What’s the latest on the elections?

    This photo is very expressive about life for many people in underdeveloped countries. Congrats go to Olivier.


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