a peace of cowzilla

Welcome to Friday Fun Foto. Cowzilla???  You’ve heard of bridezilla (those difficult brides-to-be), while cows are the big deal in Rwandan nuptials, an important part of the bride price for all groom wanna be’s. How many cows you give or get indicates your wealth and/or status. In fact, cows are a big deal in general, greatly treasured and cared for. And like any other source of wealth and status in our world, cows can also cause conflict. Rwanda’s economy is mainly dependent on agriculture, so land scarcity becomes an important factor for social tensions and conflict.

Today’s photographer: Germaine, 15 years old, one of the gafotozi.

Like what you see? Germaine wants to go to peace camp and share her photos with other youth. You can help her today. Have a great Friday, everyone!

One Reply to “a peace of cowzilla”

  1. Never mind bride price in Rwanda – when we were getting engaged, your father had to sell his cow to buy my wedding rings.

    This Friday phote is really neat because it gives us a view of today’s life in Frwanda. Good job!


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