a peace of new year

Racing into a new year….Happy New Year everyone and welcome to our first friday fun foto of 2011…

relay at love 4 life event

One of the fun relays and activities at Love 4 Life, our special event for World AIDS Day 2010. We held it at IFBK school in Kigali. Several youth and youth leaders from the Nyange Peace Camp also participated. Both of these events were held by a peace of life, in partnership with AEBR Youth.

See more photos of the fun that day, from water challenges to painting t-shirts.

More about the photographer: Thanks so much to our official volunteer photographer of the day, Lene Amstrup-Jensen. Lene is one of the leaders of Tugende, a project by Danish Baptist Youth and AEBR Youth.

One Reply to “a peace of new year”

  1. I am ‘blown’ away by the potential of this movement to change Rwanda society into an equitable. viable and jubilant society. Well done, people!


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