A peace of 2019

This past summer, we held our 10th annual Peace Camp with 46 participants from DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Canada. It was a joy to celebrate with alumni at our reunion the end of camp. The training and camp experience greatly encourages and supports youth in life and spiritual growth.

The impact of peace clubs continues throughout the year.

One remarkable activity is the powerful dramas on reconciliation by Light of the World Peace Club that often reach over 1,000 people of all ages.

FBC’s Water Walk in Oct raised funds to provide Peace of Life Club at Nyamyumba School (2700 students) with US$300 to start a small business – a barber shop.

Orphan care: We continue to support Vision Club (DR Congo) in their care of orphans. The number at the orphanage keeps rising – from 150 in 2018 to now over 210 – due to regional conflicts, Ebola, and other major health concerns. As the orphanage still struggles to provide one meal a day, we extended our support with a nutritious porridge, two times a week, for several months and are now evaluating future involvement and capacity.

In Burundi and Tanzania: Our affiliated youth peace clubs also visit and support orphans and children from families struggling with poverty.

In 2020: We anticipate new programs in Tanzania – a cafe as part of youth entrepreneurship; supporting new peace clubs working on HIV/AIDS, teen moms, orphans & street children, and climate change.

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One Reply to “A peace of 2019”

  1. This initiative remains one of the best I have ever participated in back in the days. I am happy to see it grow its geographical scope despite the complex and intricate political landscape of the greatlakes region. Big up Mama Peace and the team.


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