Emergency Relief After Devastating Floods in Rwanda

On May 2, torrential rains caused devastating floods and landslides in Rwanda; tragically, over 130 people lost their lives, and over 5,000 houses were swept away; thousands more homes were badly damaged, left in hazardous condition.

One of the hard hit areas was in the Western Province where A Peace of Life (APOL) has several village peace clubs, including our newest one at Harvest Mahoko Church . “Two of our youth lost their homes, but we thank God they are alive,” reports Stana. He started the peace club after attending Peace Camp last year. Club members, church members and others in the community are hosting people in their homes. Large numbers of the displaced are now living in a refugee camp.

“In our church alone, 24 families are homeless, 2 have lost their lives, and over 120 are in dire need of shelter, food, clothes, mattresses, blankets …
but in the midst of this tragedy we are really coming together to help
each other in the community.”

John Samvura, Senior Pastor, Harvest Mahoko

APOL is responding with emergency relief. We are grateful for the quick support from our partners in Canada, especially First Baptist Church in Toronto.

On May 10, APOL Ex Dir Prince (below left), together with Stana (below centre, on left) and Pastor John (below right), distributed initial emergency supplies of rice, beans, sugar and soap among displaced families and hosts.

Prince (left) and Stana (right) help a young woman who lost her home … her clothes … everything! She is a teacher at Harvest Mahoko’s primary school.

Heavier than normal rains are expected to continue until the end of May. Neighboring countries like the DR Congo have also experienced devastation from heavy rains. More supplies will be needed as families face the unknown…unsure when rebuilding can begin.

To help, you can:

*1. Donate online today

2. In Rwanda, give by mobile money by calling +250 782122127

3. Call or Email us for more info on how you can help

*Please note, for those in Canada: if you wish to receive a tax receipt, please send your donation to First Baptist Church Toronto, our partner in Canada. Give Online or E-trans to: treasurer@fbctoronto.ca (mark your donation “APOL”)

Please give today. Each gift, each act, makes a difference, together!

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