Contact us

Drop by for a visit:

KK 31 Ave

Gikondo (30m from SFB roundabout)

Kigali, Rwanda


In Rwanda: +250-782122127

In Canada: +647-680-2777



A Peace of Life

1015 -25 The Esplanade

Toronto, ON  M5E 1W5


9 Replies to “Contact us”

  1. Hey! I am Gisubizo Dieudonne in RWANDA I want to know if there is a great opportunity for scholarship in this peace camp


    1. Hi, thanks for your note. We are always interested in working with more partners and have been considering Burundi for quite awhile. Do you ever travel to Rwanda? We would love to meet.


  2. Whau! what a powerful, wonderful story here! Fanuel, you are indeed a hero as they say. Will take my time to go through all the important information on this site.
    Greetings to Laurena Zondo and rest of the team. Looking forward to interacting with you guys.


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