Poetry, Dance, Song

Many poems, songs and dances were created at peace camp. Pictured above: Gerard gives a repeat performance of his peace camp poem two weeks later at Love 4 Life, a World AIDS Day youth event put on by a peace of life at IFBK school in Kigali.

See more on YouTube.

Here are the translations:

Sustainable Peace

 by Gerard Ngirimandwa

I like this day

Let me start this time

By thanking God

Using my talent

A talent to promote peace

Sustainable peace.

I’m not joking

I’m not trying to flatter or impress, this comes from my heart

I don’t want to lie, guys, I just want to talk about sustainable peace

This country Rwanda has come from far

The youth has to be part of this process, being pillars of this peace

The army you see deserves praise

And together we can strive for peace

And do the best to make it a reality.

The good country we need

Is that in which, wise peacemakers live

Where the international community

Comes to learn from us

Because Rwanda as a whole

Is where peace is seated – can’t be moved.

A place where conflict is banished

Where peace kills hatred

Where chances abound

Where countries fetch peace

Because Rwanda is a stream

A stream of peace that never dries up.

Please join me in this battle

Please help in making peace a reality

Use any means and be courageous

Make Rwanda an academy for peace

Our God is love, peace, a parent

Our God is the author of this love, that brings peace.

Where there is peace, there live heroes

Where there are heroes no failures

Live in peace with all

Enthrone justice and love and thus

The peace will be our shield.

Let me ask you guys

Eat this peace

Why not feed people with peace

Don’t feed people with disputes

Make peace a reality.

For you our facilitators

Don’t worry about us, you’ve already sown a seed

Thank God who brought you

To plant a seed, that seed of peace

A sustainable peace forever.

Peace grounded in truth

Disputes aside

We as youth, acting as catalysts

Teaching this great lesson

About peace forev er

And build a peaceful nation

People in Darfur know this

Peace there is prevailing.

Let us build our image

Let darkness by wiped out be peace

Focus on the future not the past, focus on the good not bad

People in Darfur know this

Let me ask you

God created us, birds and reptiles

In harmony and love

Why don’t we learn from this reality, plant peace instead of disputes?

And we choose a good slogan

Together we said: “Catalysts for peace”

The sources of conflicts are many

Favoritism, lazyness, gossip, stereotypes and so on


Let’s overcome the bad, let’s enthrone peace, reconciliation and love.

Thank God for this great time

A time to learn and to promote this culture, a culture of peace

I’m done for now

I’ve learnt, I hope you did too

That peace is a *pillar for everything.

Thank you.

*inkingi – referring to central pillar in traditional Rwandan home


All are Equal

by  JMV Nsanzimfura

All are equal

And I’m talking about kids

Those God created beautifully

And he gave them this country called Rwanda

And he gave them joy

But why you elders destroy their dreams

Look those who are vulnerable

You do not come to them

You mistreat them and add on their sorrows

You do not give the peace

Surely why that, if children are equal?

This is what makes me cry

While problems arise

You run away instead of stepping in

And bring that gift of peace

Please remember all kids are equal

Don’t add on their sorrows ,dears

And this is why God blessed you this way

When death comes in

Bring a gift to these children

Make them laugh, they deserve this joy

And never forget that

He who ignores the rich, despises the children

They are all equal, please remember this.

Let me explain this

Tell those who are selfish

That kids are equal

To you, young men and ladies

Know your responsibilities

Don’t neglect your parents

Make them proud by promoting peace

Make your community a stream of peace.

I want to remember Laurena

Who always strives to leave a legacy

A legacy of peace, and the AEBR

Who made this peace camp a reality

Please do invite us again

And we wanna know more

About this priceless gift

The peace that we all need.


Amahoro – Youth Peace Camp Song

by Samuel Habimana


The youth we have a challenge

To work and strive for peace

Out here problems are so many

And peace is the only treatment for these problems.

1. When Jesus was going back to heaven,

He told his disciples,

I leave you with peace,

My peace I give unto you.


2. We thank Laurena, servant of God

Who organized this camp

She realized that Rwandans need peace.


3. So let’s go and teach peace and love to people

Last conflicts and disputes be fought forever

And then peace will have a dwelling place in this country.


2 Replies to “Poetry, Dance, Song”

  1. if you want to accept Christ as your savior and turn from your sins,you can ask Him to be your savior and Lord by praying a prayer like this: “Lord jesus,i believe you are the son of GOD.thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life.i ask you in to my life and heart to be my Lord and savior. i want to serve you always”.He will protect and guide you always and forever.

    And then,

    Sweet words are easy to say, Sweet things are easy 2 buy, but sweet people are difficult to find. Life ends when U stop dreaming, hope ends when U stop believing, love ends when U stop caring, friendship ends when U stop sharing. To love without condition,to talk without intention,to give without reason,and to care without expectation. that is the heart of a true friend.


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