A Peace-Full Summer

Big greetings from our 8th annual peace camp, held this past August in Rwanda.  It was truly a “Great Lakes” event with youth participants from Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda; as well as a team from Canada/ USA.  So what did we do at camp? Check out the following highlights.

Fun and learning on team-building and using sports and games in peacebuilding.

Art therapy activities in small groups.

Learning on inner peace and healing from trauma with a biblical approach and basic counselling/peer mediation for conflict transformation.

And our ever-popular campfire, for a time of sharing cultures, songs, skits, dances and stories.

Learn more about what happens at peace camp.

Day Camp in DR Congo

Welcome Back: Prince Mugisha, ex. dir of A Peace of Life Rwanda, enthusiastically greeted by orphans in Goma, DRC. Both A Peace of Life and Vision Club provide ongoing support to the orphanage.

We also had the opportunity this past summer to hold a peace day camp with orphans in Goma, DRC, along with Vision Club, one of our affiliated peace clubs in the DRC that was started by former peace camp participants.

It was a day full of fun together, and even a meal cooked by Vision Club, for all to enjoy.

Vision Club has a real big heart for this orphanage, They visit often to play with, counsel and encourage the children. Last year, with support from A Peace of Life, the club also planted a garden to help provide fresh, nutritious food.

Congo Peace Tour

A Peace of Life, together with Halo Highway, participated in the CBCA’s Operation Andre campaign, a series of concerts and workshops to share the good news of Jesus, the true and lasting source of peace for all people.

Press conference with Les Cheveldayoff, musician/actor/worship pastor, and founder of Halo Highway, a partner of A Peace of Life, using the arts to heal and restore broken lives through faith, hope and love found in Jesus.

Meeting with key leaders of student associations on university campuses in Goma included learning on biblical ethics for business and life coaching.

While summer is our busiest time, we had many other exciting activities throughout the year that will be shared in our upcoming post, A Peace of 2017.

A special thanks to all of our supporters. Together, we are the peace!

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