Logo Contest Winner

We’re so pleased to announce the winning designer in our logo contest:

Kagame Francis Karache, from Rwanda!!

Kagame is 25 years old and a peace camp alumni. He is currently pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Statistics (specializing in Actuarial Science). He hopes to continue on to Master’s studies. His favourite activities are reading, sports (basketball), and fashion. He is a fashion model when not “knee-deep in studies.”

We will have an official awards presentation with Kagame at peace camp the end of July.

We wish a very big thanks to all of the contestants! You each showed your unique creativity and approach in your design. Your contribution helped to make this a good and tough contest!! Congrats on your future endeavours and continue to pursue your dreams with such passion.

And hello new logo!

Kagame’s thoughts behind his design: “Having studies about peace by A Peace of Life, I wanted to symbolize a peaceful globe, i.e. use a symbol that signifies peace for everyone, by everyone. I also wanted to show youth at the centre of peacebuilding for the whole world, for we are the power!”

Besides conveying the potential of youth, the logo highlights the continent of Africa, and esp. the Great Lakes Region – our home base – as a centre of hope and innovation.

And why the doves? Peace and change must first come within, personal inner healing, with God’s love and grace. True and lasting peace for everyone!

And why the predominant use of green? It is fresh, a colour of renewal, energy, growth, life, health and harmony!

We look forward to celebrating our new look and many other special activities, including an alumni day, at our 10th peace camp, to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, July 30 – Aug 4, with youth from Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Invest in these youth peace catalysts. Make a donation today and help send more youth to peace camp for a life transforming experience.


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