A Peace of 2018

In Aug. 2018, we held our 9th Peace Camp with 40 participants from DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Canada! It continues to be life-changing as youth are transformed by God’s love, make friendships across borders and learn critical life skills. Check out the following slideshow for highlights from camp!

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The impact of the peace camp experience can be seen in the year-round commitment of these youth peace catalysts, such as the start of new clubs; raising of funds to provide farm animals (rabbits, chickens) to students and families in need; performing dramas to talk about issues in the community; cross-border peace festival between Rwandan and Congolese peace clubs; income-generating activities by peace clubs; repairing homes of widows; providing special care for orphans. Check out the following slideshow for highlights from peace club activities in 2018.


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Thanks so much to all of our supporters. You help to make all of this happen. Follow us on social media – apeaceoflife – for updates as we begin an exciting year – 2019 – with our 10th peace camp that will include a special reunion day and other surprise activities!

Peace and love to all!

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